Meet William
William has worked in the technology industry for eight years and is keen to help people to solve difficult technology challenges. He worked in a renowned electronic retailer and helped customers to troubleshoot hardware and software problems. Before joining Springthrough, he worked as an IT analyst and system administrator for a steel manufacturer, where he was responsible for managing, troubleshooting, and maintaining electronic devices and network operations. Among all the technologies, William especially enjoys virtualization, like VMWare. He is working on getting professionally certified in VMWare and Microsoft. 

In his personal life, William is a drone pilot, flying Radio Control FPV(First Person View with VR) racing drones. He can reach almost 100 miles per hour in only a couple of seconds. He also enjoys hiking and once hiked about 120 miles in 9 days through the mountains in New Mexico, up to an elevation of 12,441 feet, with a 70-pound pack on his back.
3 Things William Can't Live Without
Family, his Labradoodle, Remington, and water for swimming.
This May Surprise You
William is a licensed Emergency Medical Technician.