Springthrough Thoughts

Exploring Cure Coin & The Crypto World

Mar 7, 2018 by Springthrough

By now you’ve probably heard all about cryptocurrency or have even purchased some. I got really interested in the idea in early 2017 and have been keeping up with the feedback, trends, questions, and discussions ever since.

Do you mine? Buy low and sell high? Buy and hodl? Everyone has their own take on the best practice to fully monetize your funds, but I can share some of my experiences on how you can get started in the cryptocurrency game with no out of pocket expense.

If you’ve already done your research, you know you can straight up buy coins and alt-coins from several different exchanges. You also know you can mine these coins instead of purchasing them directly.

Cryptocurrencies work because of those who buy/sell and those who mine. If either of these two components where to disappear, most coins would cease to exist. In general, as cryptocurrencies saw an increase in popularity, more people attempted to mine them. With an influx of miners, there was a lower payout for the task. Not only did mining cost a pretty penny in hardware like GPUs and CPUs, but the electricity to keep mining alive has grown drastically.

Enter; Cure Coin.

Cure Coin does two things, it combines encrypted currency with scientific research computing. Just like any other cryptocurrency, you can purchase Cure Coin on designated exchanges. Cure Coin is currently available to purchase on the Bittrex and Livecoin exchanges. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, you do not need high end GPUs and CPUs to mine them, all you need is the idle power of any computer.

Mining Cure Coin is actually called “folding.” You allow your computer’s idle GPU and CPU power to “fold” proteins. In 2000 Stanford University designed an idea on how to use computational power to fold proteins used for medical research. With Stanford’s free application you can use your computer to fold proteins for research and you can set your “folding” power towards Cure Coin’s research team for a payout in Cure Coin. Cure Coin uses your folding power to research cures for different types of Cancers, Alzheimer’s, and Huntington’s.

There are several technical steps to set up the folding proteins process on your computer, which can be found on Cure Coin’s website. I was able to follow them with little difficulty and it took roughly 30 minutes to get everything running smoothly. Now, the payout isn’t all that immense day to day, but you can expect to receive 2-3 Cure Coins a day while letting your idle computer power do the work. After a month I had received about 47 Cure Coins and today’s estimated value is about $25.00. Like other cryptocurrencies, that price will fluctuate.

Who knows, maybe in a year from now I’ll be reaching for the moon!